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Kansas City author Hughes Keenan releases debut novel The Harvest is Past
Story set in Belfast and Kansas City in 1980

Kansas City, Mo. (Jan. 9, 2012) — Kansas City author Hughes Keenan has published his first novel, The Harvest is Past, available on

Opening with scenes in Belfast, the action in Harvest is Past moves to Kansas City during the year 1980 against the backdrop of a deadly heat wave and amid the city’s optimism for its first World Series-bound baseball team. It is the powerful story of friends who came of age during the liberal idealism and hope of the 1960s about to confront the approaching era of conservatism and cultural changes ushered in with the Reagan years.

In the Harvest is Past, a group of lifelong Kansas City friends and enemies navigate the abundance of a changing American landscape, experiencing their youth in excess, exploitation, love, revenge and grace while facing their own physical and emotional wounds.

The story unfolds through the eyes of journalist Emmett Morley, a wounded “shirttail” Vietnam veteran.

Like his protagonist, Keenan was a Kansas City-based journalist representing international news organizations. He began his career with The Kansas City Star.

Kansas City readers will relate to the history and settings in Keenan’s book.
The Harvest is Past is available in book form for $16.99 at Amazon, and by late January on Kindle and e-book formats for $5.99. For more information and to learn about Keenan’s first book signing, go to the Hughes Keenan Facebook page. And look for Keenan’s witty, insightful tweets by following him @hughes_keenan.